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Product Description

FS1SZL W series belongs to the complete purpose of one deep loosening equipment, use pure import higher-power boron metal and unique “curve inverted trapezoidal” deep loosening shovel, grow tillage scope and adapt to any soil issue. Match with collection of rotary cultivator and CZPT supress roller, it can total numerous procedures this sort of as deep subsoiling, cultivating, hack and suppress, and so forth. so as to accomplish good final results and achieve the point out of get ready planting.


Higher operate good quality: Design of arc inverted ladder type, do not disorder soil layer, never turn the soil. after loosing, surface flatting, hold the integrity of vegetation, right after large suppress roller suppress to improve the influence of soil humidity conservation and planting quality. a lot more conducive to cultivate.

Strong adaptability: adopt high clearance strengthen shove holder, and triplex row body structure, apply to diverse textures and the soil with a massive quantity straw , avoid blockage and boost device passing properly.

In accordance to match tractor CZPT , can select tiny, middle, large shovel, suitable operate depth is 25~50 cm. Deep subsoing and cultivating operating depth can be adjusted independently. Also can modify no-tillage planting machine and ridging equipment to completer combine operating,lessen farm implements enter into subject moments.

High produce: equipped with imported shovel, with substantial strength and ultra-put on resistance, 3~4 occasions CZPT er than traditional components, and overload defense with protection bolts. Rotary cultivator undertake massive-medium sized gearbox or massive-greater ball iron gearbox, equipped with 10 modulus gear and substantial high quality rotary blade, the weighty suppress roller and new adjustable scraper assures suppression good quality, also performs an critical function in enhancing operation effectiveness.

Product parameters

Merchandise Mixed subsoiler and land preparing device
Model 1SZL-two hundred 1SZL-230W 1SZL-250 1SZL-270 1SZL-three hundred 1SZL-350 1SZL-420
Matched CZPT (kW) eighty one.~ninety nine.three ninety two~one hundred ten.3 92~a hundred and ten.three 102.9~121.3 106.58~121.three 132.3~191.1
Overall Dimension
2950×2930×1410 2500×2500×1400 2900×3330×1410 3275×2980×1425 3050×3950×1550 3120×4400×1500 2930×5030×1515
Working Width(cm) 200 230 250 270 three hundred 350 420
Weight(kg) 1680 1880 2045 2290 2390 2650 2900
Shovel Framework full inverted trapezoidal arc shovel(High-energy boron steel bending sort)
No. of shovel(pcs) four four 4/6 six 6 6 8
Row Picth(cm) 55 58 62/forty two forty five fifty two middle fifty five
two side 70
middle fifty five
two facet sixty
Working depth(cm) twenty five~35 twenty five~35 twenty five~35 twenty five~35 25~35 twenty five~35 twenty five~35
Working depth(cm) 8~18 eight~18 eight~eighteen eight~eighteen 8~18 8~18 8~eighteen
Working efficiency(hm2/h)  one~1.4 one.1~1.6 one.3~1.eight one.3~1.9 1.8~2.5 2.1~3

Work Influence


Gear reducers are also known as reducers. Mechanical components, by possibly of these two names, are made to lessen the electrical power transferred amongst the motor and the device between the rotational speeds (revolutions for each moment). The reducer successfully minimizes the rotational speed developed by the motor, therefore controlling the pace at which the equipment operates and increasing the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque developed by the motor increases the machine’s accessible electrical power – a approach known as “mechanical dominance”. In a more substantial context, equipment reducers are essentially tools used to boost the performance of gear operation.
china wholesaler Top Quality Tractor Subsoiler and Land Preparing Combine manufacturers