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Item Description

Our CZPT cal-worm gear reducer have numerous objects for your deciding on and we can produce as for each your drawing or sample to meet your particular request
Planetary Gearboxes have been designed for distinct transmission. The CZPT is transmitted from the motor to sunlight gearboxes. The sun gearbox drives 3 Planetary Gearboxes, which are contained within an interior toothed ring gearbox. The Planetary Gearboxes are mounted on the planetary CZPT . The planetary CZPT is part output shaft. So when the sunlight gearbox rotates, it drives the 3 Planetary Gearboxes within the ring gearboxes. As Planetary Gearbox rotate with carries and routinely the optimum torque and stiffness for a offered envelope. The other considerable positive aspects are simple and effective lubrication and a balanced program at substantial speeds. The balanced planetary kinematics and the linked load sharing make the planetary-variety gearbox actually perfect for servo apps. Modular idea, allows us to prepare short shipping time for gearboxes with a continuously large standard of quality as for every your applications of reducer for motors, Let CZPT team of engineers operate for you.
See the underneath functions:
Output torque Selection: 1000 to 450000 Nm
Transmissible CZPT CZPT : Up to 450 kW
Equipment Ratios: 3 to 9000
Equipment Device Variations: In line
Correct angle (with a spiral bevel equipment established)
Output Configuration: Foot and flange mounted
Output shaft: Sound with key, spline, spline hollow
Hollow with shrink disc
Enter Configurations
Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
IEC and Nema motor adaptors
Solid input shaft
Hydraulic Brake: CZPT ulically launched parking brake on request
Electric Brake: DC and AC variety
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Underneath is a record of our at the moment accessible industrial gearboxes. If you are not able to discover what you are hunting for, remember to speak to the manufacturing unit for more possibilities. At EP, we are consistently developing new goods and retrofitting outdated kinds to satisfy customer needs.
china supplier Helical-Worm Gear Reducer manufacturers