china supplier Acecowboy 330 Diesel 178f 2 Wheels Walking Tractor with 65cm Tiller manufacturers

Product Description

Our ACECOWBOY 330 sequence 2 wheels strolling tractor is Multi-purposeful, light-weight-weight, nicely-designed with superior high quality.
Secure simple operation for all people.

Absolutly Gain as underneath:
one. All equipment drive Gearbox
two. Independent PTO(990RPM)
3. CZPT CZPT ential System for Easy Turn
four. Handle Adjustable Easily 
5. CZPT ent Engines for Pick (6.5HP-10HP Gasoline or Diesel)
seven. Numerous Implements can be connected with the Tractor:
    Tiller Attachment (52/sixty five/90CM Available)
    Rotary Hoe Attachment
    Scythe Mower Attachmnet(eighty/90/120CM Available)
    CZPT Blower Attachment
    Chipper Shredder Attachment
    Furrower Attachment
    One Plough Attachment
    Trailer Attachmnet
8. Cheap Price tag
    Your cost of CZPT merchandise is about fifty% much less than its countpart made in CZPT .
nine. We provide eighteen months warranty on the main gearbox and clutch.
ten. CZPT il CZPT t or CZPT ctric CZPT t

Below Product:

Diesel 178  5.5HP Engine
4.00-ten Wheels
65cm Tiller
Velocity CZPT ential

Design ACE330/G170F ACE330/G177F ACE330/D170F ACE330/D178F ACE330/D186F
Motor 168F Gasoline 177F Gas 170F Diesel 178F Diesel 186F Diesel
Electrical power kw/hp three.6/6.five four.9/9. 2.8/3.8 4./5.5 6.2/8.4
Speed rpm 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline Diesel Diesel Diesel
Start off Recoil/Crucial Recoil/Crucial Recoil/Important Recoil/Essential Recoil/Crucial
Cooling Air Air Air Air Air
Ahead/Backward 3+2 three+2 three+two 3+two 3+2
Tire 4.-eight 5.-10 five.-ten 5.-ten 5.-ten
FW CZPT km/h 1./2.3/eleven. 1.18/2.7/ 1.18/2.7/ 1.18/2.7/thirteen.1 one.18/2.7/13.1
BW CZPT km/h 1./2.three 1./2.3 one./2.three 1./2.three one./2.three
PTO CZPT rpm 990 990 990 990 990

Equipment reducers, also referred to as reducers, occur in several transmission styles and are developed to multiply torque and minimize input speed to a sought after output speed. The primary gain of inline gearboxes is their capacity to sustain control in applications involving substantial rotational speeds. Their efficiency and capacity to supply substantial input speeds with minimum backlash make inline reducer gearboxes ideal for a wide assortment of movement control applications
china supplier Acecowboy 330 Diesel 178f 2 Wheels Walking Tractor with 65cm Tiller producers