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Item Description

TG-4 cultivator is developed with compact construction and light-weight fat. It is suitable for the discipline of orchard, CZPT house, yard and other tiny fields. It attributes the pursuing rewards:

one. Difficult gearbox design and style.
2. 178FS vertical kind diesel motor as the CZPT of this product cultivator.
3. It has the differential, it is simple to steer the equipment.
4. Multi-function
5. Adjustable deal with bar.

In depth Specifications:

Model Unit TG-four
Overall dimensions Length mm 1490~1700
Width mm 680~820
Height mm 820~1140
Clutch variety   Belt pulley stress
Steering clutch variety   Automatic modify, differential
Net bodyweight kg 150
Tilling width mm 470-1100
Tilling depth mm 100-200
Speed   Forward 4 speeds, reverse 4 speeds
Main drive   V-belt
Tyre   4.00-seven
Tyre inflation strain kPa a hundred-120 (in the subject) one hundred sixty-one hundred eighty (for transportation)
PTO velocity r. p. m Low speed706, CZPT velocity 1350
Speed of rotovator   Clockwise 8 speeds, anticlockwise 4 speeds
Driving typeof rotovator   Centre generate
Max. rotary radiusof rotovator mm 220
Engine Product 178FS
Max. output kW 4
Displacement cc 296
Engine sort   Air Cooled 4 Cycle One Cylinder vertical type diesel

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china near me shop Cultivator (TG-4) , Mini Tiller, Rotovator, Diesel Tiller manufacturers