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Item Description

Item Description

Standard details:

Oil seal is usually referred to as grease, fluid, filth or lip seals. Oil seal is an integral element in any rotating and shifting portion assembly. They near spaces among stationary and relocating components in mechanical products. In most apps, the seal is possibly partly or quickly immersed or is basically uncovered to splashing lubricant, specifically in engines, transmissions, gearboxes or axles. They are essential parts of almost each and every sort of equipment and automobile in operation. An oil seal normally is composed of a few standard elements: The CZPT CZPT ment (the nitrile rubber element), the CZPT Scenario, and the CZPT . It is a widely employed sealing part. The purpose of a seal is to stop the leakage of medium along the moving components.

Technical data


NBR/FKM/HNBR/PU/cloth rubber/Silicone/…and so forth


TC / SC / TB / SB / VC / TA / SA / VB / VA and so on

Dimensions Range:

ID from 5mm to 1M


Black, Brown, Blue / Customized


Resilient, H2o Resistant, Oil Resistant


By Roll/ Plastic Bag + Carton Box / Customized

HS Code



-40°C / +200°C Relying On Content


Up to .05 MPa


Up to twenty five m/s


mineral oils, water, lubricating grease


Carton Steel/stainless metal


30-ninety Shore


MC Oil Seal Inventory List

MC 25*47
MC 25*fifty two*eleven/17 
MC twenty five*62 
MC 30*fifty*ten
MC 30*fifty five
MC thirty*62
MC thirty*sixty two*thirteen/15 
MC 35*sixty two*12 
MC 35*sixty two*13
MC 35*sixty two*thirteen/17 
MC 35*62*thirteen/19 
MC 35*seventy two*10
MC 35*72*11/19 
MC 35*seventy two*13
MC 35*seventy two*13/16 
MC 35*seventy two/seventy five*11/19 
MC 35*92/ninety eight*thirteen/27
MC 36*sixty two*12.5 
MC 38*62*twelve
MC 38*seventy two*13/19 
MC forty*62*12
MC forty*sixty five*12
MC 40*seventy five*12
MC forty*80*11/19 
MC 42*85 
MC forty five*70*fourteen/19
MC forty five*seventy two*12
MC 45*seventy two*13/19 
MC 45*72*15
MC 45*75*13/19 AQ8136 
MC forty five*eighty*13/19 
MC 47*72*seventeen
MC forty nine*eighty*26 
MC 50*sixty seven*15/sixteen.5 
MC 50*70*twelve
MC fifty*seventy two*twelve
MC fifty*seventy two*twelve
MC 50*seventy two*fifteen
MC fifty*75*12
MC 50*76*fifteen.5/sixteen
MC fifty*eighty*twelve
MC 50*eighty*fourteen/19 
MC fifty*80*twenty.5
MC fifty*ninety*12
MC 50*90*14/20 
MC fifty*90*20 
MC fifty two*seventy two*12
MC 52*seventy six*12/18 
MC fifty two*eighty*12
MC 55*seventy five*fifteen/16
MC 55*80*12
MC fifty five*eighty*fourteen/19 
MC fifty five*80*17/19 
MC 55*80*20.5 
MC 55*eighty five*twelve
MC fifty six*85*12 
MC 60*80*twelve
MC sixty*80*17
MC sixty*eighty*8
MC 60*eighty five*12
MC 60*85*17
MC sixty*ninety*12
MC sixty*90*eighteen
MC sixty*ninety three*twelve
MC 60*ninety five*18 
MC 62*85*16
MC sixty two*90*twelve
MC 62*ninety*18
MC 62*93*12
MC 65*one hundred ten*12
MC sixty five*ninety*12
MC 70*90*twelve
MC 75*one hundred*10
MC seventy five*one hundred*12
MC 75*one hundred*15 
MC 75*100*fifteen/seventeen
MC seventy five*one hundred*17
MC 75*one hundred and five*twelve
MC 75*one hundred twenty*12
MC 75*95*twelve
MC eighty*a hundred*12
MC eighty*a hundred and five*twelve
MC eighty*95*eighteen
MC 90*one hundred*16
MC 90*one hundred ten*19 
MC 95*one hundred twenty*twelve
MC a hundred*one hundred twenty five*12
MC AE7000E 
MC AG3191 
MC AQ2427E 
MC AQ2967E 
MC AQ3064 
MC AQ3168 
MC AQ7210E
MC AQ7747 
MC AQ8136 
MC AQ8349E 
MC BQ1893E 
MC BQ2528 
MC BQ2981 
MC BQ2999E 
MC BQ3565 
MC 45*72*thirteen/19 
MC XQ1044 


Our Positive aspects:


one.  We cooperate with first-class raw substance suppliers in CZPT and abroad, utilizing the very best raw supplies. High quality NBR, silicon and FKM resources are imported from United states, Germany and CZPT Asia.

2. CZPT good quality CZPT rubber merchandise that can entirely fulfill your requirements.

3. CZPT production & in-time delivery that never hold off your project and utilization.

four. One-quit CZPT service and value-added service to conserve your time and price.

5. OEM/ODM Services are CZPT . We can layout and make CZPT CZPT -regular
    Rubber Areas in accordance to your PDF,3D or CZPT drawing documents.

6. All of rubber finished merchandise are a hundred% inspected before cargo. 


Make contact with us

Cherry CZPT (Revenue Supervisor)

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. County CZPT Zone, HangZhou Town, ZheJiang Province, CZPT
KDIK Oil Seals Senior CZPT r Wholesale for CZPT Stores
We are specialist oil seals manufacturing facility with much more than eighteen several years knowledge.

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