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Item Description

The CZPT tiller equipment created by VIKAS manufacturing unit has stunning visual appeal, basic procedure, and is created by high-quality resources, which is strong and durable. The CZPT tiller adopts the most CZPT d worm CZPT , worm wheel, 4-wheel generate, secure, risk-free, and quite adaptable, and it is more practical and flexible to use in farmland, orchard and backyard garden.We have 3tyres of gasoline CZPT tiller one hundred seventy,177,a hundred ninety,and also have diesel CZPT tiller 173,178,186,entirely 6types of equipment.

VIKAS Multifunctional Micro Tiller GASOLINE Design
Item 170cc 177cc 190cc
Motor seven.5hp 9hp 12hp
Transmission Kind Gear push/belt travel
Commence Model Manual/electric starter
Doing work Width 500mm 960mm 1050-1350mm
Working Depth 100mm 200mm 200mm
Measurement of Wheel 400-8/350-six
Adjustment of Handle Bar 360 degree horizon and forty five diploma vertical
Gasoline Use ≤10kh/ha
Fuel Tank 5L
Fat 125KG 135KG 150KG
Doing work Eficiency o.1-.2acre/h o.1-.2acre/h .3-.4acre/h
Doing work CZPT >18m/min
Package Size 800*460*850mm 1000*580*820mm a thousand*580*820mm
VIKAS Multifunctional CZPT Tiller DIESEL Product
Product 173cc 178cc 186cc
Motor 7.5hp 9hp 12hp
Transmission Variety Gear drive
Commence Product Manual/electrical starter
Working Width 500mm 960mm 1050-1350mm
Functioning Depth 100mm 200mm 200mm
Dimensions of Wheel 400-8/350-6
Adjustment of Manage Bar 360 degree horizon and forty five diploma vertical
Gasoline Consumption ≤10kh/ha
Fuel Tank 5L
Bodyweight 160kg 180kg 185kg
Doing work Efficiency o.1-.2acre/h o.1-.2acre/h .3-.4acre/h
Working CZPT >18m/min
Package deal size 800*460*900mm one thousand*600*800mm one thousand*600*800mm

Software scope: CZPT areas in farmland, orchard, garden

HangZhou Vikas Industry Co., Ltd is specialised in producing and marketing the mini CZPT s, compact CZPT , mini diggers, crawler CZPT s, CZPT CZPT s, mini dumper, wooden chipper, CZPT tiller, lawn mower and so forth commonly employed in the CZPT and construction, gardening and agriculture operate, city infrastructure and other elements as effectively. Given that foundation, VIKAS is dedicated to research and produce new and large-tech goods to meet the CZPT ers’ continuous growing needs., It adheres to the business concept of “own creation, controllable good quality, CZPT shipping” to give worldwide customers with the most value-effective and complete solution to the mini CZPT s and dumpers. The merchandise are exported to Australia, New Zealand, Russia, British isles, Ireland, Poland etc. numerous oversea countries and locations, extremely appraised amongst the customers.

FAQ providers:

1. What is the minimum buy quantity (MOQ) pls?

The MOQ is 1 set.

2. How numerous sets can be loaded in a 40f container and 20f container pls?

Generally 1x40f container can load 12 sets and 1x20f container can load 6 sets.
3. What’s your foremost time remember to ?
1-5 sets (7-10 times), 6-10 sets (twenty times), >10 sets (need to have to be negotiated)

4. What is the guarantee time make sure you?

 1 yr given that the machine arrived at client’s locations.
five. What’s about the acceptable payment conditions?
 Normally by T/T. thirty% by T/T as deposit/down payment, 70% by T/T as balanced before delivery.

6. What is the suitable buying and selling conditions based mostly on incoterms 2571?

Typically we accept FOB, CFR, CIF, C&F, CIP.
7. What’s your emergent get in touch with please?


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china manufacturer  manufacturer  price China Best Price 7HP Gasoline Powered Rear Tine Tiller with Good Quality manufacturers