china factory Yangdong Y480 Engine manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. diesel engine parts Y480 gas injection pump

Primary parts

Starter/ Alternator

Rebuilt kit: Cylinder liner/ Piston/ Piston pin/ Piston ring/ circlip/ h2o seal O-ring

Crankshaft/ thrust piece of crankshaft/ rock arm assembly

Connecting rod/ Major CZPT shell/ Connecting rod CZPT

Gasoline injection pump/ Gas injector/ Injector nozzle/ Plunger

Cylinder head/ Head gasket/ cylinder block

Intake valve/ exhaust valve

Oil pump/H2o pump assy/ injection pump

Muffler& CZPT / Air filter/ Gas filter/ Oil filter

Flywheel/ flywheel box/ oil sump/ oil sump gasket/ enthusiast

We are supplier of complete variety Diesel engines spare components.We inventory much more
than 10000+sorts of 100% Genuine spare parts at CZPT warehouse.

Diesel engines brands and engines spare parts:

Brand names: Types:              
JIANGXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. TY290 TY295 TY2110 TY395 JD490 JD495 JD4100 JD4102
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.HU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Y380 Y385 Y480 Y485 Y490 Y4100 Y4102 Y4105
CHANGCHAI EV80 3M78 ZN385Q ZN390T ZN485Q ZN490T 4L68 4L88
QUANCHAI QC380 QC385 QC490 QC495        
YTO YTR4105 YTR4108            
LIJIA SL2100 SL2105 SL3100 SL3105ABT SL4105ABT      




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china factory Yangdong Y480 Engine manufacturers