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Product Description

What is so particular about this product?
MX-101 Strolling Tractor – a single of the most common models in its course. It functions a large margin of protection not only of the motor, but also of the reducer. Simple procedure and servicing, you can make the Going for walks Tractorwithout unique skills. Mingsin Strolling Tractor with drinking water cooling is the consequence of fruitful perform of technologists and designers from CZPT pe and Asian plants on the foundation of cooperation with farmers and landowners. The consequence is a unpretentious and maximally practical equipment with large CZPT and reliable, simple parts.
Going for walks Tractoris developed to carry out practically all the perform with which the owner of a land plot or a tiny farm can face a land location of up to a few hectares. In addition to functioning with the soil, the truck can transport goods weighing up to 800 kg in a trailer with tilting sides and bodywork, mow dense grass and hay (and, if essential, reed) with rotary and segment variety hinged mowers, pump fluids and watering, and so To make many other features.
The main purpose of Mingsin MX-one hundred and one
The most critical goal of the Strolling Tractoris to make the soil as proficiently, productively and quickly as feasible – cultivating the land (plowing or cultivation), planting CZPT crops, caring for them in the course of the season, and harvesting. Plowing with this sort of a machine, weighing 250 kg utilizing decreased gears – is the most straightforward physical exercise you can envision. On light soils, you can use a two-piece plow. Comparing various versions of Going for walks Tractors, you can not be concerned of a determine of 250 kg, because the unit is equipped with the operate of different unlocking of the differential, and the rototiller is not aggregated in spot of the wheels, but at the rear to the gear shaft of the CZPT take-off and operates separately from the wheels. CZPT rototiller with a width of a hundred cm completely handles the wheel keep track of – you do not have untreated places and traces from the wheels of the Walking Tractor – and a sleek, machined surface area. Walking Tractor101D – the most well balanced of all – it can make cultivation with the operator, which can go sideways, or just sit on the seat.
With the aid of a Walking Tractor you can make the whole cycle of earthworks: tillage of any level of complexity, plowing of virgin soil with a plow, planting of any crops, their seasonal processing (watering, hilling, weeding) and harvesting with subsequent processing of soil.
Attributes & Specifications of Mingsin MX-a hundred and one
MX-a hundred and one Strolling Tractor is a CZPT ful machine with a practical prolonged gearbox. Six forward gears and two backwards enable you to select the operating vacation velocity from really reduced (for plowing, excavating a club on weighty soil) to an increased transportation velocity. The CZPT ful, taut motor R190N complements the gearbox, and helps make it 100% useable. The transmission is combined, driven by a pinion of a cylindrical form. The last equipment is cylindrical, straight-toothed. The lockable steering mechanism is outfitted with a swivel clamp. The Going for walks Tractor is equipped with a brake program of annular condition with the aid of inner blocks. CZPT wheels with a particular broad tread do not enable the Walking Tractor to slip beneath weighty hundreds, this is also helped by a excellent excess weight of the Strolling Tractor.
The Walking Tractor is outfitted with a clutch of dry kind, which is in consistent engagement. Functionally, it turns on and off the generate from the engine to the gearbox. Below the condition of overload, the clutch slips, not permitting external elements and units of the Walking Tractor to be destroyed.
A vibrant headlamp with reflectors on the sides raises the security of movement together the carriageway, and can make it feasible to operate the Strolling Tractor at evening.
The solitary-cylinder diesel motor R190N is outfitted with water cooling. The cylinder capability of the motor is 573 cubic centimeters. The engine has a pretty easy, sturdy design, and has great traction traits. The motor can be simply started out with a handbook starter, it is outfitted with a decompression valve. To simplify the start of the motor at minus temperatures, it is recommended to use unique oil (semisynthetic) and winter fuel, as properly as preheat the gas tools and the air filtration system.
All the Mingsin Strolling Tractor (in Russia – SCAUT) differ from their competitors in the good quality of the overall performance, the quality of the composite parts, the top quality of the steel utilized and the methods of its processing in get to get sturdy, resistant to variable hundreds of alloys.


Product Unit MX-101E
Structure excess weight Without having rotavator kg 238
With rotavator 291
Working excess weight (with rotavator) kg 331
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2170×845 x 1150
Number of blades PCS 14
Rototilling width mm 700
Type of tractor   Solitary axle, twin-objective for the two traction & generate
Gears sort   low and higher speeds
Travelling velocity Forword Km/h one.ninety eight, 3.08, 4.98, 8.04, twelve.forty nine, twenty.2
Reverse 1.fifty three, 6.eighteen
Type size   six.00-twelve
Wheel observe mm 680~740(adjustable)
Min. floor clearance mm 210
Min. turning radius m .seventy one (with no rotavator)
Model of engine   190N
Type of engine   Horizontal 4-stroke
Bore x stroke mm 90× ninety
Total displacement L .573
Compression ratio   21: 01
Turing pace of crankshaft rpm 2300
1-hour rated output KW/hp 7.7/ten.five
12-hour rated output KW/hp 7./9.5
Specific gasoline use g/kw. h ≤ 273.4
Specific lube oil consumption g/kw. h ≤ 2.72
Cooling manner   Condenser (Radiator)
Main farm implements (optional) Anti-skid steel wheel Model one hundred-640
Solitary-furrow plough Product 1LS-125
Turnover plough
Rotary tiller Product MX80D-one
Sprinkler Product 50BPZ-45
Swather/reaper Model 4GL-a hundred
Trailer 7C-.8 (Common)

Gear reducers are also referred to as reducers. Mechanical equipment, by either of these two names, are created to reduce the electrical power transferred between the motor and the equipment amongst the rotational speeds (revolutions for each moment). The reducer properly lowers the rotational velocity produced by the motor, therefore controlling the velocity at which the device runs and escalating the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque created by the motor increases the machine’s available electricity – a process acknowledged as “mechanical dominance”. In a larger context, equipment reducers are generally resources utilized to enhance the efficiency of gear operation.
china factory Hot Selling Cheaper 10HP Power Tiller/ Hand Tractor / Walking Tractor manufacturers