china factory Anon High Usage 175f Mini Power Tiller with Lowest Price manufacturers

Solution Description

The 1WG6.3-135FC-ZC/8 Mill tiller is developed for CZPT and slow ahead gears and one particular reverse equipment. The large-power strengthened armrests enhance the energy of the running program. The typically open up clutch manner complies with the national security obligatory specifications. The high-run engine makes the machine perform with large effectiveness and steady top quality, and is ideal for dry land and paddy fields in hilly and mountainous places.


Model 1WG2.3-55FQ-ZC 1WG4.2-80FQ-QL 1WG4.05-85FQ-ZC 1WG4.2-70-FQ-ZC
Link approach direct link belt immediate link immediate relationship
Productiveness >0.02 >0.04 >0.04 >0.04
Dimension 1200X550X870mm 1570X830X800mm 1465X850X828mm 1500X700X1000mm
Learn Clutch type Wet friction Tension wheel   Taper dry friction
Matched CZPT SR1P65F/p(5.0hp) SR170F/R(7.0hp)
Doing work width 55cm 80cm 85cm 70cm
Doing work velocity three.9-5.6km/h 6.9-9.4km/h .1-.3m/s 4-12km/h
Rotary cutter model dryland knife dryland knife    
Working depth >10cm >10cm >10cm >10cm
Weight 46kgs 75kgs 60kgs 67kgs
Bore DiaXStroke 65X48 70X54   70X54
Motor kind single cylinder 4 stroke
Max CZPT 3./3600 4.2/3600   4.2/3600
Startup mode hand start off Hand pullback start

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Gearboxes are mechanical units that help generate methods maintain the best possible velocity and torque for applications. Also recognized as gearboxes and gear drives, they reduce the rotational velocity of the enter shaft by a certain proportion and enhance the energy shipped to the output shaft by the very same percentage. Ratio multipliers increase the deceleration and torque offered by the reducer by a specific ratio and are suited for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are accessories used with the reducer. They are usually used in apps where the reducer is not straight connected to the drive system.
china factory Anon High Usage 175f Mini Power Tiller with Lowest Price manufacturers