china Cost Acecowboy 330 Series Multifunctional Tiller with Snow Thrower Function (AF330/Q170-ST) manufacturers

Item Description

Our CZPT cowboy 330 Sequence Multifunctional Backyard Tractor is multi-purposeful walking tractor with a unique and compact transmission for little farm and big residence backyard garden.
The transmission gearbox is made with a differential system so it can switch easily.
A CZPT consider-out port can adapt CZPT attachments, this sort of as tiller, rotary hoe, snow sweeper, lawn mower, grass sickle cutter, department chipper, snow blower, h2o pump, spreader, and so on.

Because it is modest and gentle, it is easy to operate and transport.

ACECOWBOY Technical specs
Model ACE330/Q168F ACE330/Q177F ACE330/C170F ACE330/C178F ACE330/Q186F
Motor 168F Gas 177F Gasoline 170F Diesel 178FDiesel 186FDiesel
Power kw/hp three.6/6.five four.9/9. two.8/3.8 four./5.five six.2/8.four
Speed rpm 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600
Gasoline Gasolin Gasolin Diesel Diesel Diesel
Commence Recoil/Crucial Recoil/Essential Recoil/Key Recoil/Important Recoil/Essential
Cooling Air Air Air Air Air
Ahead/Backward 3+2 three+2 three+2 three+2 3+two
Tire 4.-eight 5.-10 5.-ten 5.-ten 5.-ten
FW CZPT km/h 1./2.3/11. 1.eighteen/2.7/ 1.eighteen/2.7/thirteen.1 one.18/2.7/13.1 1.eighteen/2.7/13.1
BW CZPT km/h 1./2.3 one./2.three 1./2.3 1./2.three 1./2.3
PTO CZPT rpm 990 990 990 990 990

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china Cost Acecowboy 330 Series Multifunctional Tiller with Snow Thrower Function (AF330/Q170-ST) manufacturers