china Cheap Good Quality Agriculture Gasoline and Diesel Land Tilling Machine manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Excellent quality agriculture gasoline and diesel land tilling equipment


It can work in both dry land and paddy field. CZPT set includes: rotary blade, weeding wheel, dry land widening iron wheel, rubber wheel, paddy wheel, resistance rod and ditch plough.

Positive aspects

one. 7.5hp CZPT ful motor

2. Double clutch easier to use  

three. Handle can rotate 360°

four. Low oil usage


Product AM-WT7D AM-WT7
Engine Diesel engine     Gasoline engine
Rated power 4.05KW/ 5.5HP
Max power 7.5HP
Tilling width 62cm
Tilling depth 10-25cm
Dimensions 150*sixty one*75cm
Bodyweight 70kg 60kg

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china Cheap Good Quality Agriculture Gasoline and Diesel Land Tilling Machine manufacturers