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Solution Description

9hp Gasoline 4 wheel drive CZPT Weeder

Rural vegetable gardens, orchards, and seedling forests all need soil loosening, trenching, and fertilization. Even so, these areas are typically modest and lower in rural regions, these kinds of as tractors or other skilled and special agricultural equipment and tools, It is really inconvenient to do research in this kind of an setting! 


Item Description

Substantial-horsepower, tiny dimension, substantial-quality, low-cost multifunctional four-wheel generate micro-tiller products:
4-wheel travel rear-rotation micro-tiller, with 6-15 horsepower engine for selection, simultaneous procedure 4 gears adjustable (quick, gradual, empty, reverse), strolling 3 gears adjustable (ahead rotation, empty, reverse rotation), employing casting Sort integrated gearbox, this sort of a gearbox has the attributes of basic, put on-resistant, and anti-manufacturing!

Solution Parameters

No. Parameters Device Design and style Data
1 Device Product identify / 3TGQ-4C CZPT Tiller
Composition / Four wheel drive CZPT
Size(L*W*H) mm Ditching:1600×720×860
Main gearbox construction sort / Equipment
Material of main gearbox case / Forged Iron
Composition type of auxiliary gearbox / Equipment + chain drive
Sub-transmission box materials / Forged Iron
Handlebar amount adjustment selection / 270°
Handlebar up and down adjustment selection / 29°
Motor output transmission manner / Gear push
Perform speed km/h ≤10
2 Power Composition / Solitary cylinder vertical 4-stroke
Rated CZPT kW four
Rated speed r/min 3600
Starting up method / Guide/Electric powered CZPT ter
Gasoline type / Gas/diesel
3 Ditchter Opener sort / Drive Knife Wheel variety
Transfer method / Gear + chain drive
Connection method / Direct connection
Working width of ditching cm twenty five-35
Trenching pace km/h ≥0.two
Operating efficiency hm²/h ≥
Ditching depth cm 15-20
4 Ridger Variety of ridges Ridge 1
Transfer technique / Equipment + chain travel
Relationship method / Direct connection
Ridge functioning width cm thirty-forty
Ridging pace km/h ≥0.2
Ridge height cm 10-twenty
Functioning productivity hm²/h ≥
Ridge width cm ≥10

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The time period “gearbox” is employed to refer to any gadget that connects a motor to a equipment and consists of a sequence of gears, also identified as a equipment established. It gets the main input pace from the motor and adjustments it to a distinct output speed employing its gears. Diverse kinds and mixtures of gears serve specific needs. The types of gears located in gearboxes incorporate spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The performance effectiveness of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the velocity of the input source to the velocity of the output supply
china Cheap 9HP Gasoline 4WD Power Weeder manufacturers