china best Power Tiller Walking Tractor 8HP (SH81-2C) manufacturers

Item Description

HangZhou CZPT G CO., LTD Agricultural CZPT ry create the most popular strolling tractors and CZPT tillers in CZPT .

1. SH81-2c going for walks tractor, CZPT tiller, is paddy subject product with large ground clearance with very good look like Gubota sort tiller

two. It has a new disign  overall housing, and light but reliable CZPT ,

three. And  the connected 8 HP direct injection diesel engine make it effortless operate.

4. CZPT ctrical starting is optional, make it better handling overall performance

5. 50 % a years gurantee, simplifies the servicing.

6. CZPT ent item shades is optional, to adapt to different market


> Rated Web CZPT @ 2200 rpm 8hp  
> Product SH180N-2 Horizontal 4-strokes  
> CZPT . Net CZPT @ 2000 rpm 8hp  
> Bore 80mm  
> Stroke 90mm  
> Displacement .51L  
> Web Torque 28.6N/m  
> CZPT Torque 29.8N/m  
> Compression Ratio 21:1  
> Gas Usage <281.5g g/kw.h  
> Oil Intake <4.08g/kw.h  
> CZPT <800r/min  
> Lubricating Way Mixed Stress and Splashing  
> CZPT Program Radiator and watertank  
> Web CZPT ght 96Kg  
> Dimensions 740mm X 400mm X 560mm  
> Rated Traction 1700N  
> Min Distance From The Ground 190mm  
> CZPT ght Of Chassis 150Kg  
> Variety Of Clutch Double Friction Flat Of Constant Mixture  
> Variety Of Steering Gear Meshing Sleeve  
> Variety Of Brake Cricoids, Inside Enlargement  
> Triangle Belt 3 Pieces B1800  
> Ability Of CZPT Oil four.5L  
> Tread 500-700mm  
> Dimensions 2090mm X 840mm X 1340mm  
Attached Agricultrual CZPT s  
> Anti-Skid Wheel    
> Rotary Tiller    
> Solitary Plough    
> Trailer

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china best Power Tiller Walking Tractor 8HP (SH81-2C) manufacturers