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Item Description

Inexperienced agriculture,Lengthy-phrase associate

Hyper Rotor

Outstanding for tillage and soil preparing with a large-sized tractor (up to 117.7kw).
Fulfillment is guaranteed with a CZPT ful tillage device.
Rotary Tiller Ideal for crop conversion.

Excellent amount of efficiency in plowing-in straw and weeds

                        Ideal for both rice paddies and dry fields.
Rotary Tiller Suitable for crop conversion.

one. Transmission: chain driven.

two. CZPT gearbox is manufactured of solid iron.

3. The suspension plate shape is made by laser reducing, molding place.

four. Chain unit hand adjustable.

five. Side protection plates are added to the rear deflection.

six. The tilling peak can be adjustable.

seven. The blades are below scorching working and unique testing

eight. Use powder portray

Functionality parameter

Item identify Rotary Tiller Rotary Tiller Rotary Tiller Rotary Tiller Rotary Tiller
Model 1GL-180 1GL-200 1GL-220 1GL-240 1GL-280
Electricity 40-forty five fifty five-seventy five fifty five-85 70-ninety five 85-a hundred thirty
working width(cm) one hundred eighty two hundred 220 240 280
Blade sort Special arcuate Scimitar
functioning depth(cm) 18-22
Input pace(r/min) 540/750 540/750 540/750 540/750 540/750
 speed of rotary blade(r/min) 180/240 a hundred and eighty/240 one hundred eighty/240 two hundred/278 two hundred/278
Relationship kind Three-position suspension
proportions (mm) 1960×1100×900 2160× 1100 ×900 2360×1100×900 2560×1100× 1300 2960×1100×1300




Our wearhouse

All items, CZPT company gives a 1-year guarantee, any high quality issues, cost-free replacement elements, you should get in touch with us for a lot more warranty terms!

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