china factory New 18V Powerful Lithium Battery Cordless Garden Portable Cultivator manufacturers

Product Description

18V CZPT ful CZPT ium CZPT ery Cordless Backyard garden Cultivator/Tiller                


DC CZPT Voltage: 18V DC
No Load CZPT : 300rpm
Blades type: 4pcs Rotation Blades
Tilling Drving Variety: Copper Content Gears Driving
Procedure Variety : Rotation Blades with Slight Hand Drive
Per CZPT ery Totally Billed Procedure Time : 25-35mins
Battery Variety : Li-Ion CZPT ery CZPT nology
Net CZPT ght: three.68Kgs (Which includes CZPT ery And CZPT ery Charger)                                        
Warrantty Time period : 1 Year

Max Functioning Width : 200mm
Max Doing work Depth: 80mm

High-electricity motor
Abs substance SHELL
Soft grip
Effective blade technique
Copper Substance Equipment Box !

This lightweight Exclusive/Exclusive Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller is portion of the ITC 18V CZPT ium CZPT ery CZPT nology Family members Assortment. This provides you the flexibility to CZPT all CZPT 18v cordless Backyard garden CZPT resources with 1 battery.


A single battery technique, unlimited opportunities.


Revolutionise the way you keep your garden with this lightweight (just 3.68kg), transportable yet powerful 18V rechargeable CZPT ium-Ion tiller, unique to ITC.

It really is trim and agile adequate to function between even shut planting, CZPT ful sufficient to get the job completed quickly and with the bare minimum work, and because there are no potentially dangerous or restrictive trailing CZPT cables to cope with, you can function literally anywhere.

Four revolving tines have a working depth of around 3 ¼” and a width of approximately 8″ in a one pass meaning you will get your work completed in a fraction of the time and with significantly less effort than when bending and halting whist using a conventional fork, spade or hoe.

A total cost will supply a working time of up to twenty five minutes-35minutes(2000mAh battery is Available). This superb new transportable mini tiller offers and all round get to of 4ft 4″ (1.32m) and has an angle-adjustable handle for further ease and comfort.

Autumn’s a wonderful time for incorporating lots of natural subject (compost / manure) into your beds and vegetable plots, particularly when you happen to be planting, and this mini tiller will help you do that with simplicity. Autumn cultivating also usually will help with drainage and is specifically useful for clay soils as it permits the frost to split up the soil over the wintertime, improving the construction.



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china factory New 18V Powerful Lithium Battery Cordless Garden Portable Cultivator manufacturers