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Merchandise Description

                               Boat Tractor for Paddy Area Tillage


This boat tractor is CZPT new solution, the equipment body is boat shaped, a machine frame is organized in the boat body a riser at

 the CZPT conclude of the equipment frame, a gear box on the machine body positioned at the tail of the boat a cultivation roller

 on the CZPT an functioning lever at the dynamic power facet of the CZPT an armrest is fixed at the CZPT end of the

 gear box a left and a right separating operating levers on the area of the CZPT a mudguard on the CZPT in a straddling

 way a seat penetrates by way of the mudguard and is set on the CZPT the dynamic pressure is transferred to a belt pulley

 through a belt and to the CZPT so as to driving the cultivation roller. The boat tractor can be appropriate for the paddy subject

 cultivation of diverse qualities in mountains, plains, hills and lake districts.

Simple implements for this equipment are: disc plough

Principal component parts of this machine are: primary boat entire body, CZPT , belt pulley, steering arm,  transmission shaft, pinch roller, 

Adjustable lifting lever, joystick, disc plough, seat, driving wheel, diesels motor, guide wheel and so on.


This boat tractor is a kind of Paddy field tillage machine which use CZPT to direct drive and  traction. 

The operating principle is soon after start, place down the pinch roller with appropriate foot, the CZPT will be conveyed to CZPT through 

the triangle belt on the transmission shaft, spindle generate of CZPT will travel the iron wheel and stroll ahead. When boat tractor 

stroll ahead, disc plough, rake or roller in the behind will start to operate.



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china Custom Power Tiller Boat Tractor Paddy Field manufacturers