china best Power Tiller, Mini Paddy Reaper 4gl150 manufacturers

Solution Description

Examine to the other backyard reaper, CZPT harvester is utilized widely in paddy area and hill land,the primary characteristic is as adhering to:

  1. With diesel engine, the CZPT is sufficient.   
  2. Big CZPT and a lot more bodyweight.
  3. Dependable structure with stronger steel frame.  
  4. Chain fashion transimission, utilised more much better than belt
  5. More than 5 year existence for use

The reaper of CZPT tiller
Product: 4GL150 
Used to harvest rice and wheat and so on.
Complete dimension (L*W*H) :1.8*1.*.6m
Doing work width:1.5 m
Matched CZPT : twelve-18hp tractor
Effectiveness(hectares/hr): .26-.37
Decline price(%): <1
Lay dawn angle:90°± 20°
Web bodyweight(KG):a hundred and ten,
Gross weighty(KG):146 
Packing dimensions(M):1.8*.65*.7  
optional implements:

No Identify type Device
1 disc harrow double
two  mulch applicator established
3 seeder single row computer
four seeder two row personal computer
five seeder three row  set
6 digger pair
7 paddy wheel  Φ300 pair
eight iron wheel pair
9 Weeding wheel big pair
10 weeding wheel center/modest pair
11 banking machine set
12 reversible plough large pc 
13 reversible plough little pc
14 deep plough blade WFL-S pair
fifteen weeding hoe computer
sixteen 3 pcs paddy blade WFL-FZ pair
17 four pcs, 3 sets tiller blade WFL-4P3Z pair
18 4 pcs, 2 sets tiller blade WFL-4P2Z pair
19 four pcs, 1 sets tiller blade WFL-4P1Z/D pair
twenty 3 pcs, 4 sets tiller blade WFL-3P4Z pair


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china best Power Tiller, Mini Paddy Reaper 4gl150 manufacturers